Program Description

In this program, participants are given the TOEFL Pre-Test at the beginning as a stage of identifying the participants' initial abilities. Then the participants were given training for 20 meetings including mid test and final examination. Later, the results of learning this TOEFL will help prove that participants have good English skills. The teaching and learning process uses books equipped with audio CDs.

The increase in TOEFL scores obtained through training helps participants highlight the quality of their English as evidenced by their TOEFL score level. This can be used to enter domestic and foreign universities as well as to take work tests and civil servants.

After participating in the TOEFL Preparation program, participants will get a Certificate of English Proficiency Test (EPT). However, if participants want to get an official TOEFL score, participants can take the official TOEFL, namely TOEFL ITP and get an ITP TOEFL certificate.

The main objective of the English Conversation Program is to improve spoken English skills and increase confidence in using conversational English. An English Conversation Session in one meeting lasts for 90 minutes, twice a week.  The number of meetings is 20 meetings.

English conversation circles are facilitated by trained instructors in a formal, informal and friendly atmosphere. Instructors prepare topics of conversation, activities, or games based on the interests of each participant. Program participants are people whose first language is not English

The objectives of the program to be achieved are:

  • Practice English conversation outside the classroom and settings such as a working/formal atmosphere
  • Improve English communication skills (speaking and listening)
  • Increase confidence and comfort level when using English
  • Increase participants' knowledge of the culture of the State
  • English as their first language.
  • Reduced anxiety of participants speaking English.

The materials used in the Intensive English / Conversation program are materials specifically designed by ELLC teachers so that they are in accordance with the needs of participants. In addition, the teaching methods used are always updated and fresh methods so that participants do not feel bored in communicating in English.

After participating in this program, participants will obtain a certificate containing English language skills consisting of the main skills , namely speaking or conversation.

The goal is to help institutions and participants personally know the prediction of English scores (Toefl) that can be used for academic purposes, continue their S1 or S2 studies or apply for jobs.  After taking this EPT, examinees will obtain a certificate containing a description of English language skills which is divided into three categories: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension

The TOEFL ITP Test is an official TOEFL test whose questions are directly sent by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) based in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. ETS distributes these questions

kepda trusted institutions in collaboration with ETS, where in Indonesia the only representative institution of ETS is the Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) located in Jakarta. TOEFL ITP can be used for academic purposes (S1, S2, S3, domestic and foreign scholarships) as well as looking for jobs at home and abroad.

Improve participants' English skills in certain fields, such as law, finance, technology, medicine, travel, aviation, economics, hospitality, teaching, business and so on.  This program is designed so that participants are able to feel the atmosphere or face situations or atmospheres working in English and how the process of correspondence in English. Participants will be enriched with the vocabulary of the field they are currently engaged in. With English as the global language of choice for all aspects of business, many companies expect their employees to use spoken and written English to communicate effectively at work. 

In this English class, participants will learn how to express themselves more fluently and confidently when communicating with clients and their peers at different levels and in various work situations, for example during interviews, writing reports, presentation skills and participating in meetings.

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