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English Language Learning Consultant (ELLC)

Our institution is an English language education and training institution that has obtained permission (legality) from the Padang City Education Office and is accredited "B" nationally issued by BAN- FNF.  ELLC is also one of the official TOEFL organizing institutions. The teaching staff of our institution participates in the research and development of our programs. We ensure that the latest theories of learning English are considered and evaluated.  That's why we are a healthy environment for learning. This also means that all participants get a great profit. Each program is developed and refined on an ongoing basis. Here are some important points that are our strengths:

Ideasfor the initial ability of participants

On the first day, we will build the level and needs of participants with written tests and interviews, as well as put participants in the best class for their improvement.

Small and Interactive classes

In ELLC, the number of participants is a maximum of 10 people per class and the language is taught in a dynamic and energetic way. We believe active communication in the classroom is the most effective way of learning, by speaking participants will achieve fluency.

Excellent teachers

To ensure that participants can make rapid progress in oral and written communication skills, our instructors will carefully and kindly help listen and provide motivation for the participants.

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